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Our nail technicians, Joy, Hallie, and Kyley, are professional and experienced in several nail services. Our stylists August, Sara, Lauren, Tessa, and Alayna are also available for manicures and pedicures.



Regular Manicure $22-$32

Gel Manicure $27-$41

Dip Manicure $37-$45

Dip Manicure With Tips $45-$53

Acrylic Full Set $35-$50

Acrylic Fill $30-$40

Gel Acrylic Set $41-$60

Gel & Fill Manicure $36-$50

Gel Polish Add-On$10-$15

Kids Manicure $10-$20


Kids Pedicure $17-$27

Express Pedicure $27-$34

ClassicPedicure $37-$49

Deluxe Pedicure $45-$60

Spa Pedicure $56-$63


Nail Art $1-$3

Hot Stone Add-On $10

Nail Repair $10

Nail Trim $10-$12

Toe Nail Trim $15-$17

Paraffin Dip $10-$12

Paraffin With Service $5-$10

Soak Off Nails $11-$15

*Prices may vary depending on the technician’s level.

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